About Me


In my past life, I'm certain I was a a chef of sorts. In this life, I am a full-time Accounting Professional.

I've been baking on and off as a hobbyist since 2011. My very first bake was a vanilla cake with strawberry filling, covered in fondant. At the time, I was single and wanted to pick up a hobby. I don't come with a special story. I bake because I love it and it is an outlet for me to share the artistic side of me. It doesn't hurt that I also have a sweet tooth and that I am a big foodie. My waist line proves it.


Self-taught, I've read and own countless pastry books, watched tons of videos, and have tried many recipes before I developed my own. Professional training is something out of reach for me, but with today's technology, even some of the best don't have any professional education or training. Some home bakers curate from family recipes and traditions--something you don't get in culinary school. My dream is open my own bakery one day...and that day will come. In the meantime, I am a part-time home-baker working out of my home kitchen during the weekends.


Sweet Lake is a cottage food business is licensed by the Orange County Environmental Health agency. As a part of this licensure, I am also trained in food safety and handling.